I am eternally grateful to Little Foot Nursery for being understanding and amazingly flexible. We wouldn't manage without you, your worth your weight in gold.


Welcome to Big Foot Out Of School & Holiday Club

Big Foot is the place to ‘chillax’, with a real bedroom feel the children can return to their space after a busy day at school and take their time to enjoy the activities on offer.

They can experience the thrill of full body gaming such as virtual rally ball, cloud surfing or even join in a game of volley ball on the sun kiss beach, on the kinect. There are a selection of books and games for some quiet time and the computer with internet access for any research to help with homework.

Take a visual adventure to Hogwarts with Harry Potter or the world of ice staking with the Ice Princess viewed on the flat screen plasma tv. 

There is always a lot going on in this small, but exciting room. The Practitioners is always busy planning new and cool creative activities. There have also been some themed nights such as India and Chinese where the children and staff dressed in traditional dress and tried same traditional dishes for their evening meal.

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